Threat Intel

Risk Assessment

The Offensive Testing

Threat Detection/Response


    Orchestrated Security services !

    Application Security

    "Life Cycle Security. Web & Apps"

    Threat Model and Risk Mitigation based Security Testing of Apps, to reduce the attack surface of web/app infrastructure !

    Detect & Respond

    "Managed Detection & Response"

    We place SOC where it belongs, ahead of threats. A set of Threat Detection, Threat Hunting & Incident Response services ! 

    Threat Intelligence

    "Actionable Threat Intel"

    Get your threat intelligence beyond 

    data feed. A set of services to make Threat Intel real time & contextual !

    Threat & Risk Assessment

    "Automated Contextual Assessment"

    Assessments, designed to shift your security posture. Automated, threat & risk assessment services, for next in risk mgmt !

    The Offense Grid

    "Test Often & Real. The Hack Test"

    Breach Simulation Services and Red Team Exercises designed to test all aspects of your digital infrastructure, for real !

    Secure The Next, IoT

    "Next Gen Digital Infra Security"

    Services custom designed to secure IoT, Big-Data and Critical Infra Elements. Delivered with custom designed models !

    Featured . AppSec

    __>> 360 Degree Testing

     Test web apps for foolproof protection !

    "Use our comprehensive security testing, 

    protect your applications and data."

    - Threat model based coverage

    - Risk reducing prioritization

    - Collaborative remediation

    - Extended OWASP model

    __>> DevSecOps

    Adopt continuous security model !

    "Go DevSecOps, we help you adopt 

    continuous security model"

    - Adopt security processes

    - Train on secure code practices

    - Automate security testing in builds

    - Reduce cost of app security testing

    __>> AppFORT


    Design to Production, Orchestrated !

    "Our flagship subscription modeled,

    app security service, end-to-end."

    - We embed security process

    - Remote testing through lifecycle

    - Tracking & orchestration with dev

    - Apps production monitoring, 24x7

    Our appsec differentiators

    AppSec Methodology

    - Custom AppSec Methology

    - Reduces Vulnerability Risks

    - Improves Testing Coverage

    - Optimizes AppSec Investment

    Secure AppSec Test Lab

    - AppSec Tools & Research Lab

    - All Testing from Secure Lab

    - Comprehensive Test Library

    - Exploit & Payload Blueprints

    AppSec Expert Team

    - Layered Team of Experts

    - AppSec Threat Modelers

    - AppSec Architects & Designers

    - Pen Testers & Exploit Developers

    Castellum Blog. our Opinions !

    CySec Articles

    Commitment to Excellence

    We are bringing cloud platforms, deep automation and remote labs together

    to Orchestrated Security to our customers. A far cry, from deliver and dump

    models prevalent in industry. 

    We strive to become your cyber security partners, for real, and, for long term !

     Our primary focus areas in Cyber Security, are ....  

    • Application Security (Life Cycle Security) 
    • Threat Detection & Response (Monitoring & SOC) 
    • Enterprise Security Assessment (Automated, Subscription Modeled) 

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    Our Security Evangelist will be more than happy to schedule a web call, to take you through an exciting array of security services and technologies, modeled for quality, precision and satisfaction ..

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    We Strive for Excellence

    Automation ...

    Automation is integrated in most of our services. Deep Security Automation for AppSec and SOC Monitoring !

    Orchestration ...

    Our services are for Orchestration of Security, along with you. We ensure, we walk the journey with you, all the way !

    Engagement ...

    Subscription option is embedded in all of our services, ensuring a long term vested commitment from us, Castellum !

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