Orchestrated Security services !

Application Security


"Life Cycle Security. Web & Apps"

Threat Model and Risk Mitigation based Security Testing of Apps, to reduce the attack surface of web/app infrastructure !

Detect & Respond


"Managed Detection & Response"

We place SOC where it belongs, ahead of threats. A set of Threat Detection, Threat Hunting & Incident Response services ! 

Threat Intelligence


"Actionable Threat Intel"

Get your threat intelligence beyond 

data feed. A set of services to make Threat Intel real time & contextual !

Threat & Risk Assessment


"Automated Contextual Assessment"

Assessments, designed to shift your security posture. Automated, threat & risk assessment services, for next in risk mgmt !

The Offense Grid


"Test Often & Real. The Hack Test"

Breach Simulation Services and Red Team Exercises designed to test all aspects of your digital infrastructure, for real !

Secure The Next, IoT


"Next Gen Digital Infra Security"

Services custom designed to secure IoT, Big-Data and Critical Infra Elements. Delivered with custom designed models !

Featured . AppSec

__>> 360 Degree Testing


 Test web apps for foolproof protection !

"Use our comprehensive security testing, 

protect your applications and data."

- Threat model based coverage

- Risk reducing prioritization

- Collaborative remediation

- Extended OWASP model

__>> DevSecOps


Adopt continuous security model !

"Go DevSecOps, we help you adopt 

continuous security model"

- Adopt security processes

- Train on secure code practices

- Automate security testing in builds

- Reduce cost of app security testing

__>> AppFORT



Design to Production, Orchestrated !

"Our flagship subscription modeled,

app security service, end-to-end."

- We embed security process

- Remote testing through lifecycle

- Tracking & orchestration with dev

- Apps production monitoring, 24x7

Our appsec differentiators

AppSec Methodology


- Custom AppSec Methology

- Reduces Vulnerability Risks

- Improves Testing Coverage

- Optimizes AppSec Investment

Secure AppSec Test Lab


- AppSec Tools & Research Lab

- All Testing from Secure Lab

- Comprehensive Test Library

- Exploit & Payload Blueprints

AppSec Expert Team


- Layered Team of Experts

- AppSec Threat Modelers

- AppSec Architects & Designers

- Pen Testers & Exploit Developers

CySec Articles


Commitment to Excellence

We are bringing cloud platforms, deep automation and remote labs together

to Orchestrated Security to our customers. A far cry, from deliver and dump

models prevalent in industry. 

We strive to become your cyber security partners, for real, and, for long term !

 Our primary focus areas in Cyber Security, are ....  

  • Application Security (Life Cycle Security) 
  • Threat Detection & Response (Monitoring & SOC) 
  • Enterprise Security Assessment (Automated, Subscription Modeled) 

Reach Out. Find More !

Our Security Evangelist will be more than happy to schedule a web call, to take you through an exciting array of security services and technologies, modeled for quality, precision and satisfaction ..

We Strive for Excellence

Automation ...


Automation is integrated in most of our services. Deep Security Automation for AppSec and SOC Monitoring !

Orchestration ...


Our services are for Orchestration of Security, along with you. We ensure, we walk the journey with you, all the way !

Engagement ...


Subscription option is embedded in all of our services, ensuring a long term vested commitment from us, Castellum !

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